Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Season of Tours

An altogether different tour with friends

Despite of the date of updation,consider this blog written on 24th,Friday.I couldnot upload it on that day due to connection problems and the next day I left for Delhi and came back on 2nd,Sunday night.

I dont know the speciality of this season in my life-but it is turning out to be interesting atleast for a short term.
During the end of last month a gang of us went our class representative's house and spent a whole day there enjoying.
Now,just before the Friendship day we went to Aanappara-again a lot of friends.I missed an opportunity to be at the top of the region and from lot of actions up the top-most point because of my fear of heights;but I am dead sure I wont repeat same mistake again.Any way I tried to enjoy the maximum at what ever level God granted me.But I got the advantage of walking till there with few of friends and enjoy even the journey to there unlike others who opted by bus.We bought cool drinks and edibles for the short pedal journey from college to the location.Then we went to nearby Vivek's house and then left for our house in heavy rain.

But I missed another funny,entertaining trip earlier to Niffoo's house due to an unexpected fall and bruising in mud.It was another experience which gave me 'tholikkatty'-thickness of skin-by which I washed whole mud from my dress by standing in rain,when there was virtually a crowd At Aanappara
watching!!But it was at the cost of missing a trip.

Now let me tell one of the most enjoyed and adventured journeys.Again,shortly after friendship day,on the eve of 60th independence day we-group of 7 boys began our journey to Thodupuzha.We were to attend Betrothal of our classmate's sister.But actually,more than the function it was the chance for us to see the native place of 2 of our friends-'comedy cousins',as we called them in 1st yr.But for a reason to my family for the journey it was only the scope.Of cause out of 7 ,2 were these cousins themselves.

A bad omen at the first
We went by KSRTC.We all got into comfortable seats-adjacent enough.Now here comes some people saying they owned seats and had went out for food.We just got irritated,as there was no reservation nor any signs for their claim.But we yielded and got into some other seat.Now 2 ladies entered and we all had virtually seperated as the seat which we sat had small writing of 'ladies' over it;but it was at the other end that the seats for them were reserved and it was occupied by men too.Well,now we all became seperated.After long time we got nearby seats and we occupied that.
We got at Muvatupuzha.

Again bad luck
Then the cousins told us we were at the time of bus-strike and couldnt get any pvt. bus to Thodupuzha where their home located.We walked some distance and waited for KSRTC.We got into steps of fully crowded bus and reached there.
Thus we arrived at Jerry's locality.We saw and went through 'Kamby-palam' -a bridge of steal rods above a nice river.Then,he showed us location where 'Manasinakkare' and many other films were shooted.Then we entered through various rubber plantations and reached his house.
His mother was not at home-admitted to hospital due to back pain..We met his bro.s.One was on bed due to fever.Then we ate food.
Then we went to Bristow's home in his car and Jerry's bike.On the way we met Jerry's mother at hospital.

My 1st night stay at friend's home
Bristow's father,mother and bro welcomed us.Then we were on his system seeing movie-clips.Brintow is another promising talent in every field like his bro-so amiable,more athletic, technical,interested in bikes,body building and army;having huge cd collection.We again had food from there-ate till throat!Then we saw a movie and then slept there.

A different independence day
Next morning,we had bath,ate breakfast and set out for Kanjirappilly,location of function.On the way,we had to change the tyres of the car due to puncture.We bought a flag for car.We were in the car and 2 were on the bike.We stopped here and there for taking photos and meeting together.It was a great experience of driving by Bristow on a road bounded by rubber estates.
We reached pretty early at the church.We met other college friends there.We attended function and thereafter lunch.We also presented our present.After wishing the couples,we thought of more adventure.We decided to go to Wagamon -a lovely place with green hills.
We refuelled vehicle and began the journey.It was a nice journey through high range.It really revealed Bristow's driving skills.We kept going up through trees and on reaching top we could feel the change of landscape.Due to time shortage ,we went only to 'egg-hills'[motta kunnu].Still,it was wonderful feeling there,with friends.We chated ,took picturesand did spend a pretty good time in the mild cold green climate there.Also we left a signature of our batch on a rock there by writing with another rock-piece.
Then we descended the path back,though we were unwilling;but helpless as we had to return our home that day itself.We covered a lot distance down the path in driving the off-vehicle-a good leason of energy conservation.Bristow really drove fast for us to get bus.

Again unfortunate
Then my mobile rang and we got the most unfortunate news-the bike is punctured!Bristow dropped us three-me,Raman,Rohith-and he drove back with Jerry.We had tea and snack at a hotel there and waited there chatting.
The subjects ranged from anything to everything.Then due to non-charging of mobiles,theirs got turned off.I called the bike riders-they told they will arrive in 5min.We prepared to get off.

A change of plan
When we got into bus-stop it was already late and last bus will come after 40 min.It would reach Trichur by midnight.All except me decided to stay there one more day.As far as I am concerned,the bus would stop infront of my house.They drove away bidding me Happy Journey.And I took my dinner and got into bus and reached comfortably at home by 11.30 pm.2 of our company opted to see 2nd show of 'Lalettan's AliBhai' on release day i.e.on that day .They had opted for movie than stay at Bristow's home.

More Journeys to come
These journeys just marked the beginning of a long journey season for me.Tomorrow,I will leave for Delhi for an 8-day tour with my family.
Also our class tour is to commence before mid of next month.Thank God for all these intrim pleasures before 1st year University Results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hailstone said...

Hi Vinu,

Read the looong post.
Get ready for another trip to a lovely place -- Nellayi :))

My suggestion: It's better if you make your posts shorter. Just give due consideration to your readers.

It's only my 'suggestion'. It's your blog and you're free to write what you wish.

With regards,

Devidas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

set up aayiedaaaa...

vinujose said...

I think after censoring this "controversial blog entry" ,i need to update its comments.Comments to removed part will create irritation from the reader's part.
Also allowing it to remain here is irritating both the authors (as I understand)and me.
So I am deleting it for everyone's sake.
I would be glad again if you point out those mistakes arising from me.
I have to suggest that comment to a particular entry must be in itself.I found some comment to this entry in my previous entries.It will be better if you looked twice before you upload the comments.
Once again let me thank you for your kind intervention to my entry and rectifying my faults.Since I am a beginner,there will be still many faults.Hope you people would be kind enough to correct me again on such occasions

Devidas said...

beginners faults accepted gracefully.
but why aren't you writing up anything else...
if so, the authors of deleted cmments shalll make it point not to visit or post comment in your blog.
will that be ok???

vinujose said...

Well, I can understand your feelings Devi;thanks for your interest in my welfare. Though it is true that some comments thoroughly demoralised me, it is not entirely because of that fear I am abstaining from a new entry.

When I am at computer there are some other things like movies that divert my attention. Also lack of good subject puts me on the back foot. At some other times when I strongly feels like writing about a topic computer wont be accessible. By the time it is accessible,either I lose interest in the topic or the topic itself seems to lose its importance.
You know that I had a plan to write about java phones. Though you didnt approve the topic, I insisted on writing it. But when I got opportunity to write I realised I have just a little to put down; if asked as doubts I had a good idea. Now after 2 months of distance I also forgot many useful tips.

Any way I request you, my friends to comment on any entry that I may write at any point of time and there by correct my mistakes(though I wish not in a harsh way-anyway it is your choice:-)).

Rohith alias Rayappan said...

Well well... vinu consider this point seriously ok..

while writing a profile, you dont need to tell the world what you can't do or what you dont have.. If u very are keen then tell what you hav (ur qualities, achievements)... coz your profile indicates that you have a biiig problem.... "Inferiority complex " . You have to fight yourself out of it..

And one important thing. We are human beings. Its human nature to assess each and every person who is around him. We assess each and every person's character, their qualities, their behavior and thus we create an image of him/her in our mind. Note this impression of another person differs gradually with time, more n more interaction with him/her. We tend to understand each other more and thus become friends.(or the other way).
And no person is very correct in his very first assessment of the other person. You have to spend a very long time to understand each other.

You have grossly misunderstood that human nature to be only your own... Each and everyone of us assess each other.(not only u my dear) Juz that we dont blabber around all these nonsense stuff. Its slightly a subconscious matter that we dont much think about . Good that u thought about it.

Rohith alias Rayappan said...

see man I also hav a little inferiority complex but I try my level best not to show it to others by my activities .. juz check ur profile..!

vinujose said...

Ya.You are right.
Every one has got some sort of inferiority complexes.
But don't think that I have listed out those here.Just like you,I too want to keep them to myself though accidentally it may slip out of one's tongue.

The fact is,I began blogging shortly after Pramod sir inspired us in first few classes.At that time,very few of our class-mates had their own blog.Sir showed us example of his and Priya's blog.So I had only a vague idea of how a newbie's blog is like.

I implemented my own style-unlike many,I decided to fill in every field in profile,make it an online diary etc.But I thought what ever I am writing must be entirely true.I tried to avoid the present trend of "pretending to know everything knowing nothing"(didn't say about any one personally).

I feared if I say "I love dance,music,cricket..",the reader might think I know to perform them as well-though that was unnecessary.It was not due to inferiority complex,you see.

You are right about that analysis of others-Ya every one does it in their sub-conscious mind.I just tried to pull it into my conscious mind.

Any way I appreciate that you have made me aware of writing a public profile. Thanks for your suggestion of removing "what you can not".I think this is what we call constructive criticism.Of course I am not Sreenivasan or RJ Freq Out champ Unnikrishnan to make others laugh by describing my weaknesses and defects:-)

I will edit both of them.Once again thank you.

Rohith alias Rayappan said...

Good . Im happy to hear ur reply. And that fact of analysis thing. Its very nice and surprising because if u know very less people think about it. Even after reading ur profile 99% readers wouldnt have thought about the fact that even they do it. I juz thought of reminding you because dint feel like it wuz a thing apt for writing in a profile(though everything wat you wrote in about it is true) It wuz not sheer criticism.
I too believe we shouldnt write things that arent true about ourselves in our profile. ( I hvent written any blunder in my profile na....?)

And why I took to writing about inferiority - coz another big mistake( infact stupidity I must say) was your new year greeting message( hope you rem it very well) . None of us liked it. And that day we had thought of telling you about it. I ve seen only devidas creating and forwarding sms . Everyone else juz forwards sms.

See this blogging has improved our profile writing skills.... (had a good impact as wat pramode sir told)

Ramakrishnan said...


good pointed out a small but important shortcoming in this blog . i wanted to tell vinu about his title,but he changed it himself


the new title is really cool.
i am happy that you took rohits remark positively

vinujose said...

Ya.When I read your comment,I actually related it with what you said after receiving my sms.I think I made it clear there too.It was not again due to my complex,but just to give more emphasis to the fact that I typed that sms myself and it is not simply a forward.I just wanted to make it clear that I put my effort and spent my time in order to create one for my friends on that special occasion ,because you guys are so special to me.I am sorry that it didnt work in the way it was supposed to.

@ raman
thanks dude

Ramakrishnan said...

so you visit this place frequently

then why no post????


a simple "merry christmas and happy new year" was enough for us to know that you typed it yourself.

i mean we can understand

vinujose said...

It has not been long since I started visiting this page frequently.You know,the sudden U-turn of things thereby reducing restrictions on system usage to minimum.

I will post soon;may be not a subject of interest,still-unless again as I have said in reply to Devi's comment, my interests get changed.I wanna watch a movie before that.

Ya.Simply wishing would have done the purpose.So you too have got the same feeling!!! But I always "over-do" things-especially when I write sms.You can hardly see a short message from me as sms.
(I think same is the case with my blog posts and comments!!!Probably this habit came to me from my primary education,where marks depend solely on "Quantity" of answer sheet;not Q"Quality").
I wanted to make you "feel" it as I felt it,though it was improperly conveyed.

Well,"Dont repent on the past."
I will try to bear this point in mind when I send sms in future.

Rohith alias Rayappan said...

hmmm..... good to hear these words from vinu jose..

well... not even a long one, you hardly send an sms ...! send some forwards at times.. and always remember your resolution.. Dont always expect in return.. some will reply some day or other if not that very moment... I never send forwards hoping each n everyone would reply, but it happens that I have more than 350 forwards saved in my phone now... juz coz I used to send enough and I have got back many over the time...

Devidas said...

there is been enough activity in this blog since the entry that caused all the pollap has been edited. yet our dear vinu is abstaining from making a new mark on the blog...
vinu why dont you write out some techie stuffs here and put the links in frendz4m so that your readers there can have better or more comprehensive view of things.

and as raman and rohit said, the title happys endingss is really nice... but i'm a lil worried abt the fact that since last october or so, you havent written an entry in the blog. you'll reach your anniversary in not blogging da!
so put up something fast!
and the infi complex thing, i am not the person to comment on it!!
no more words from me that wud cause inflictions on a personal level!