Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Meeting of [g]old friends

Despite of the date of updation,consider this blog written on 24th,Friday.I couldnot upload it on that day due to connection problems and the next day I left for Delhi and came back on 2nd,Sunday night.

All our Onam Series Exams are over.I think I did them fairly well except for 2 or 3 subjects [out of 6], when you consider the fact that I studied almost everything from scratch just the previous day of exams.Though I have got many many things to write here after my previous blog,I couldnt get any time.
Well,if you have read my previous blog on the eve of friendship day,you would have known about my desire for good friends.Well one of the best friendship message I got was-" it is not necessary to tell everything to a friend;but it is necessary that what ever you tell must be true."Though it was a contradiction to my views of friendship,but it is also necessary.I remembered about one of my friend in +2 with whom I like to share this message.In fact, there is some one in my batch too,here in college like the same,though I cant be sure of it right now.
It may be a coincidence,but the next sunday I went for a marriage in Pallimoola,near our college[a personal function].But the bride's bro is in Jyothi Engg. college for EEE.And so I half-expected to see some of my friends who could be there.And in church,I could find none.So I lost more hope;but to my surprise,in the hall of Lourde basilica,I found a bunch of my old friends at school level.I have heard about their physical changes but couldnt find much.Their character wasnt much changed from as I had known them.
To one of them,I owe much thanks because he is responsible for my athletic built body.At the level of H.S. he asked me to do some 'push-ups' and encouraged me.He also was so athletic-built that despite of his lean body,I could never compete with him in 'Pancha-gusthi'-a game of determining the stronger of 2.
Now after 3 or 4 years he has developed much more athletic body;me too not so bad because of implementing his advise[though for some short intervels ].Now no one in my class could even stand against me in the same game-all tx to those good friends which found my potential at the earliest and made me good in 1 more field other than studies.
After talking with them,I had also got oppurtunity to chat with some girls of my L.P. school [virtually forgotten] classmates and also with a +2 schoolmate girl[though had an acquaintance,talked for 1st time].
On talking with those H.S friends I mentioned about one of my best friends at school-level,whom I havent met after leaving there;but heard of his tallness after being one of the dwarfs at our time.And to my utter astonishment,the next day,on my way to home,at Corporation bus stand some 1 stopped me among the crowd by holding on my shoulder.
There he stood,one of my brightest competent of H.S level,of whom I told of before.We talked for about 15-20 min. there.I was just pleased to see him again.Then,again he told that he repeated for Kerala Entrance Exam and got 1400 [or so ] rank and he has opted for EEE in my college.When I told him of my branch and its advantages over the other,he became confused of what to opt[options was still open].I also didnt forgot of saying disadvantages of my branch-CSE especially in my college like smallest dept. and so.Though I did so,I want him just to be in my branch.Its always nice to have such a friend with you always.
And 1 quality I see in my HS friends is that they could understand me,my situations,my weaknesses,my strengths and could assist to take decisions in circumstances where many of college friends try to make laugh at you.They always know of you much better.I am ready to share with him my experiences and difficulties as a 1st year student so he could master them much better.At the same time,I could just dream of him and me sitting in same class as in H.S.-well,not everything is possible in life.
Well, my experiences say that you cant much count on any one.After all there will be you and you alone at the end.All the same,I am still expectant of that "ideal" friend and pair[as in Maths,idealistic concepts may be just theoretical!!!!] who will come into my life like an angel-as Shah Rukh came to Priety's life in "Kal Ho Na Ho".Still possiblities are open as there are Lateral Entry students and juniors to come in my class and college.If still not there,there is my whole life open for that!!!!!


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