Friday, January 23, 2009

Yesterday-The Worst B'Day I Ever Had!!!

Few hours before,an incident happened on my Birthday,which made me come out of this long Hibernation from blogging-which I took deliberately because I had another place for expressing my views through replies!

24 hours ago,how happy i was!I was recieving my 21st birthday wishes from all my friends,family,online friends in frendzforum... And how my mood have changed in just last few hours!
My pet dog,Julie[dash hound] passed away just few hours ago. It had been my play mate from my 8th std. It may be 6-7 years old. Its really sad that my birthday turned out to be day of death of my dearest pet.

It wasnt normal death due to age. It died in an attempt to save all of us. Around 8.30pm it cornered a king-cobra, biggest i've ever seen in life,under its own kennel. It kept the snake under its surveillance for 20-25 minutes-by barking at it,almost biting it,and getting back in defense to avoid its strike from its erect head.Dad tried calling back dog-but a dash hound,having tradition of a hunting dog,wont come back that easily when her prey is just in front of it.

I went to a neighbouring house to call assistance and 1 of them came with a spear. When he tried to pierce snake with it,Julie tried to bite it again twice and retreated to avoid snake-strike. At last,when my neighbour was just about to get snake pierced,Julie succeeded in biting UNLUCKILY. Then she dragged it along a long distance without releasing snake's mid-of-body from her mouth. We could do nothing but run behind her with spear,torch lighting the fierce fight. Suddenly snake got control and it whirled my Julie and they rolled some distance. In that fight it had happened-the snake striked on the head of my dearest dog!! None of us had seen,but we helplessly watched the fight,expecting it,hoping for the best. But Julie was very brave. It kept on struggling with snake,which gave us a false hope that snake may not have bitten her.

Finally,neighbour succeeded in piercing the snake with spear and keeping it fixed to ground,its head still high to strike dog which released from that whirl and was about to bite it. My dad quickly broke a raw branch from a drumstick plant near him and hit right on the head of snake while i was lighting with the torch. Julie was so furious towards the snake that she bit him and tried to tear it to pieces while my father dragged her to kennel. She didnt show any signs of snake-strike till then.

Now,lot of people have gathered from around our house and area. All watched people hitting snake to kill it. We went to look our dog while rest kept tackling almost dead snake. In that torch light,i clearly saw 2 blood-spots-that points were killer cobra's fangs pierced into its head. Her eyes were filled with water and she was panting so desperately after the fight.

No first-aid measure of stopping blood circulation was possible as it was right on her head top. Every body watched everything with amusement-they all are seeing such a big snake for first time. I stood among crowd,my eyes getting wet,mind filling with grief of losing my best,favourite,obedient,loyal play-mate,friend and pet. There was nothing to be done. Tried to call a doctor who was busy somewhere. Now what we could do all was,wait and watch her last deeds out of desperation,signs of poison spreading in her circulatory system,affecting her whole breathing itself and wait till she takes in her last-breath.

She rose twice after lying there. Tried to walk,but venom had began to play its role. She stood there and watched all-trying to see the whole world for the last time,her loving masters looking at her helplessly-but being proud that she saved us all from a possible snake attack by sacrificing her life. She gasped looked all in our eyes,asking for final good-bye. Everyone praised her among them,still curiously watching snake which was now burnt into ashes with kerosene. They left in excitement of seeing a big snake,having heard a story of a brave dog fighting with a snake and left to its death bed.

Now only my parents and me and another neighbour left watching my dog's last actions. My heart filling with grief,tear coming to my eyes,memories of us playing,cherishing coming to my brain...its going to end. She lay and panted hardly and ... eventually,what cannot be stopped happened. It was around 9.30. There she lied,having won our hearts,being obedient loyal dog,keeping watch out on our house 24 hours,saving our lives earlier from 2 small snakes-viper and cobra-,saving our coconut trees by hunting rats and now in a valiant attempt to save us,sacrificing her whole life.Her always vigilant eyes,guarding our home,lay open looking towards it and her loving masters.She wont see us anymore.

I salute you my little friend. You've been wonderful towards us. And i'm writing this with tears flowing out of my eyes,all those moments we played together coming to my mind,i salute you my friend. May your soul rest in peace.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Season of Tours

An altogether different tour with friends

Despite of the date of updation,consider this blog written on 24th,Friday.I couldnot upload it on that day due to connection problems and the next day I left for Delhi and came back on 2nd,Sunday night.

I dont know the speciality of this season in my life-but it is turning out to be interesting atleast for a short term.
During the end of last month a gang of us went our class representative's house and spent a whole day there enjoying.
Now,just before the Friendship day we went to Aanappara-again a lot of friends.I missed an opportunity to be at the top of the region and from lot of actions up the top-most point because of my fear of heights;but I am dead sure I wont repeat same mistake again.Any way I tried to enjoy the maximum at what ever level God granted me.But I got the advantage of walking till there with few of friends and enjoy even the journey to there unlike others who opted by bus.We bought cool drinks and edibles for the short pedal journey from college to the location.Then we went to nearby Vivek's house and then left for our house in heavy rain.

But I missed another funny,entertaining trip earlier to Niffoo's house due to an unexpected fall and bruising in mud.It was another experience which gave me 'tholikkatty'-thickness of skin-by which I washed whole mud from my dress by standing in rain,when there was virtually a crowd At Aanappara
watching!!But it was at the cost of missing a trip.

Now let me tell one of the most enjoyed and adventured journeys.Again,shortly after friendship day,on the eve of 60th independence day we-group of 7 boys began our journey to Thodupuzha.We were to attend Betrothal of our classmate's sister.But actually,more than the function it was the chance for us to see the native place of 2 of our friends-'comedy cousins',as we called them in 1st yr.But for a reason to my family for the journey it was only the scope.Of cause out of 7 ,2 were these cousins themselves.

A bad omen at the first
We went by KSRTC.We all got into comfortable seats-adjacent enough.Now here comes some people saying they owned seats and had went out for food.We just got irritated,as there was no reservation nor any signs for their claim.But we yielded and got into some other seat.Now 2 ladies entered and we all had virtually seperated as the seat which we sat had small writing of 'ladies' over it;but it was at the other end that the seats for them were reserved and it was occupied by men too.Well,now we all became seperated.After long time we got nearby seats and we occupied that.
We got at Muvatupuzha.

Again bad luck
Then the cousins told us we were at the time of bus-strike and couldnt get any pvt. bus to Thodupuzha where their home located.We walked some distance and waited for KSRTC.We got into steps of fully crowded bus and reached there.
Thus we arrived at Jerry's locality.We saw and went through 'Kamby-palam' -a bridge of steal rods above a nice river.Then,he showed us location where 'Manasinakkare' and many other films were shooted.Then we entered through various rubber plantations and reached his house.
His mother was not at home-admitted to hospital due to back pain..We met his bro.s.One was on bed due to fever.Then we ate food.
Then we went to Bristow's home in his car and Jerry's bike.On the way we met Jerry's mother at hospital.

My 1st night stay at friend's home
Bristow's father,mother and bro welcomed us.Then we were on his system seeing movie-clips.Brintow is another promising talent in every field like his bro-so amiable,more athletic, technical,interested in bikes,body building and army;having huge cd collection.We again had food from there-ate till throat!Then we saw a movie and then slept there.

A different independence day
Next morning,we had bath,ate breakfast and set out for Kanjirappilly,location of function.On the way,we had to change the tyres of the car due to puncture.We bought a flag for car.We were in the car and 2 were on the bike.We stopped here and there for taking photos and meeting together.It was a great experience of driving by Bristow on a road bounded by rubber estates.
We reached pretty early at the church.We met other college friends there.We attended function and thereafter lunch.We also presented our present.After wishing the couples,we thought of more adventure.We decided to go to Wagamon -a lovely place with green hills.
We refuelled vehicle and began the journey.It was a nice journey through high range.It really revealed Bristow's driving skills.We kept going up through trees and on reaching top we could feel the change of landscape.Due to time shortage ,we went only to 'egg-hills'[motta kunnu].Still,it was wonderful feeling there,with friends.We chated ,took picturesand did spend a pretty good time in the mild cold green climate there.Also we left a signature of our batch on a rock there by writing with another rock-piece.
Then we descended the path back,though we were unwilling;but helpless as we had to return our home that day itself.We covered a lot distance down the path in driving the off-vehicle-a good leason of energy conservation.Bristow really drove fast for us to get bus.

Again unfortunate
Then my mobile rang and we got the most unfortunate news-the bike is punctured!Bristow dropped us three-me,Raman,Rohith-and he drove back with Jerry.We had tea and snack at a hotel there and waited there chatting.
The subjects ranged from anything to everything.Then due to non-charging of mobiles,theirs got turned off.I called the bike riders-they told they will arrive in 5min.We prepared to get off.

A change of plan
When we got into bus-stop it was already late and last bus will come after 40 min.It would reach Trichur by midnight.All except me decided to stay there one more day.As far as I am concerned,the bus would stop infront of my house.They drove away bidding me Happy Journey.And I took my dinner and got into bus and reached comfortably at home by 11.30 pm.2 of our company opted to see 2nd show of 'Lalettan's AliBhai' on release day i.e.on that day .They had opted for movie than stay at Bristow's home.

More Journeys to come
These journeys just marked the beginning of a long journey season for me.Tomorrow,I will leave for Delhi for an 8-day tour with my family.
Also our class tour is to commence before mid of next month.Thank God for all these intrim pleasures before 1st year University Results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meeting of [g]old friends

Despite of the date of updation,consider this blog written on 24th,Friday.I couldnot upload it on that day due to connection problems and the next day I left for Delhi and came back on 2nd,Sunday night.

All our Onam Series Exams are over.I think I did them fairly well except for 2 or 3 subjects [out of 6], when you consider the fact that I studied almost everything from scratch just the previous day of exams.Though I have got many many things to write here after my previous blog,I couldnt get any time.
Well,if you have read my previous blog on the eve of friendship day,you would have known about my desire for good friends.Well one of the best friendship message I got was-" it is not necessary to tell everything to a friend;but it is necessary that what ever you tell must be true."Though it was a contradiction to my views of friendship,but it is also necessary.I remembered about one of my friend in +2 with whom I like to share this message.In fact, there is some one in my batch too,here in college like the same,though I cant be sure of it right now.
It may be a coincidence,but the next sunday I went for a marriage in Pallimoola,near our college[a personal function].But the bride's bro is in Jyothi Engg. college for EEE.And so I half-expected to see some of my friends who could be there.And in church,I could find none.So I lost more hope;but to my surprise,in the hall of Lourde basilica,I found a bunch of my old friends at school level.I have heard about their physical changes but couldnt find much.Their character wasnt much changed from as I had known them.
To one of them,I owe much thanks because he is responsible for my athletic built body.At the level of H.S. he asked me to do some 'push-ups' and encouraged me.He also was so athletic-built that despite of his lean body,I could never compete with him in 'Pancha-gusthi'-a game of determining the stronger of 2.
Now after 3 or 4 years he has developed much more athletic body;me too not so bad because of implementing his advise[though for some short intervels ].Now no one in my class could even stand against me in the same game-all tx to those good friends which found my potential at the earliest and made me good in 1 more field other than studies.
After talking with them,I had also got oppurtunity to chat with some girls of my L.P. school [virtually forgotten] classmates and also with a +2 schoolmate girl[though had an acquaintance,talked for 1st time].
On talking with those H.S friends I mentioned about one of my best friends at school-level,whom I havent met after leaving there;but heard of his tallness after being one of the dwarfs at our time.And to my utter astonishment,the next day,on my way to home,at Corporation bus stand some 1 stopped me among the crowd by holding on my shoulder.
There he stood,one of my brightest competent of H.S level,of whom I told of before.We talked for about 15-20 min. there.I was just pleased to see him again.Then,again he told that he repeated for Kerala Entrance Exam and got 1400 [or so ] rank and he has opted for EEE in my college.When I told him of my branch and its advantages over the other,he became confused of what to opt[options was still open].I also didnt forgot of saying disadvantages of my branch-CSE especially in my college like smallest dept. and so.Though I did so,I want him just to be in my branch.Its always nice to have such a friend with you always.
And 1 quality I see in my HS friends is that they could understand me,my situations,my weaknesses,my strengths and could assist to take decisions in circumstances where many of college friends try to make laugh at you.They always know of you much better.I am ready to share with him my experiences and difficulties as a 1st year student so he could master them much better.At the same time,I could just dream of him and me sitting in same class as in H.S.-well,not everything is possible in life.
Well, my experiences say that you cant much count on any one.After all there will be you and you alone at the end.All the same,I am still expectant of that "ideal" friend and pair[as in Maths,idealistic concepts may be just theoretical!!!!] who will come into my life like an angel-as Shah Rukh came to Priety's life in "Kal Ho Na Ho".Still possiblities are open as there are Lateral Entry students and juniors to come in my class and college.If still not there,there is my whole life open for that!!!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Conflict of software ideologies in "Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows"

I am gonna begin my blog today.I am not sure of how often I can do blogging-because my net usage is not so affordable with cost.At the same time,as a B.Tech student of Computer Science at Govt. Engineering College (GEC) ,Thrissur,I think its too late for me to start one.
Well, to begin with, I need an excellent topic-it should be related to both technical aspect as well as my interests.Thinking of such a topic suddenly brought into my mind of a book that I read most anxiously just a few days ago.It was none other than "Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows".You may be wondering what it has to do with technical topic-especially computer science.Actually speaking,this relation may seem a distant one;but all the same,I found it by a little deep thought.
Coming to the topic,there is a concept introduced by J.K. Rowling in relation with "goblin-made weapons & articles".
{For the information of newbies to Harry Potter:
Goblins are a particular magical creatures which has social-life and can speak like humans.They are masters in tool making which can never be destroyed.}

According to Rowling,these arrogant creatures,goblins, have a little misunderstanding between human-wizards.In their custom,a goblin-made article ultimately belongs to the maker.If a wizard comes and buys a goblin-made article by paying them,he can use it for his lifetime. But after his death it has to be returned to the goblins itself.
But according to wizarding customs,once bought articles always remains to themselves.They will pass on to next generation then to next & so on.
Due to the superior power of human-wizards,they impose their custom over goblins.They accept it unwillingly.

Have you found any connection of this concept with the present condition in Information Technology?

I think now it will come to your mind about the current major division of computing world into Free Software like Linux using groups and patent owning Operating Systems like Windows using groups.
Goblin character resembles much more wider concept of Windows developers which demands buying seperate copies of same OS for the usage of each different computing systems(no matter they are owned by same person).
At the same time,wizard's concept is the restricted version of Free Software theory,which not only supports usage by single user in different systems,but also provides source code which can be shared to others with or without modification.

May be the recent information about these divisions got into my mind from our seniors and also from Pramod sir may have influenced my mind in generating such a criticism.
At the same time,as many of the readers ,I too have used Windows from my childhood and needs a great amount of persuading facts to change my mind completely over to Free Software.May be,as Pramod sir says after discovering other aspects of this like social,econmical etc my mind would switch over to Free Software entirely.At present ,as long as we can use "pirated" versions of Windows,my mind favours Windows.Also if we develop a software personally,we all think we should have enough return for that-the higher the monetary benefit the better-though I dont need it beyond a limit and become another Bill Gates.

Well,coming to personel matters,I think I got a good starting time of my blog-Eve of Friendship Day-especially for a person like me who fantasies a best and true friend,with whom you can share anything & everything,which is an achievement of a whole life time.Let me wish all my readers a Happy Freindship Day